General Classic Portion Mini Snus


General Mini Portion does not date back to the 19th century, like its big brother General Portion. However, it still contains the exact same recipe, only in smaller portions. Due to its mini size, this snus does not stick out as much under your lip and is more discreet, but with the same great taste! A full-bodied and spicy tobacco flavor, where you will also find hints of the citrusy spiced bergamot, tea, dried grass and leather. The combination of spicy and acidic makes this snus very well balanced.

General is one of the world’s largest snus brands and is sold in huge quantities in Sweden and around Europe. A popular brand at the end of the 19th century and still today.

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Product Information
Product Range General
Product Type Original portion
Strength Normal
Nicotine Content 8 mg/g
Product weight (grams) 10
Type Snus Mini
Produced by Swedish Match

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8 mg/g

Weight (grams)




Produced by

Swedish Match