General G.3 Super Slim Mint Strong Portion Snus


General G.3 Superslim Mint Strong Portion Snus has distinctive elements of mint, as well as notes eucalyptus and cedar. It is a stronger snus in a long narrow pouch with gradual flow and a long-lasting taste release. In short, it lasts longer and is lessy runny than traditional snus portions.

The G.3 series is renowned for its slim format, with an enhanced nicotine strength and variety of different flavors. G.3 was initially developed with new features, a clearer taste and a trendy new design in mind.

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Product Information
Product Range G.3
Product Type White portion
Strength Strong
Nicotine Content 18 mg/g
Product weight (grams) 16.5
Type Superslim Mint Strong Portion
Produced by Swedish Match

Additional information




18 mg/g

Weight (grams)

16, 5



Produced by

Swedish Match