Islay Whisky Snus Portion


Islay Whisky Snus Portion is a snus that blends the classic tobacco flavor with a hint of single malt whisky. The manufacturing process takes place according to old traditions where the tobacco is sweated out in special heating rooms. It is first and foremost a snus for those who like whisky.

Islay Whiskey Snus is a portion of snus produced in Jämtland. The character comes from single malt whiskey mixed with the classic tobacco flavor. To make Islay Whiskey, you use a process according to an old tradition where you “sweat” the carefully selected tobacco in a heat cabinet instead of pasteurizing it. This gives the snus a clearer tobacco character. Then the finished snus is flavored with a single malt whiskey from Islay in Scotland. To give the snus its unique character, the tobacco is stored on old whiskey barrels from the island of Islay in Scotland. This is the same process used in the manufacture of premium cigars, which contributes to an extra dimension of flavor.

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Product Information
Product Range Islay Whisky
Product Type Original portion
Strength Normal
Nicotine Content 8 mg/g
Product weight (grams) 20
Type Portion
Produced by GN Tobacco

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Islay Whisky


8 mg/g

Weight (grams)




Produced by

GN Tobacco